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    Modified Login Script to use a stripped down Ldiscn32 using switches


      Around the 1st of March we modified the login script to include ldiscn32.  However at login time it only does the bare basics but we also wanted the user ID.

      Being a school system there are times we need to know who is currently logged on to the system "right now"!  The inventory scanner with default settings doesn't give us that.  With the help of a few LANDesk engineers we were able to come up with a simple script that now does and it's been working fine in our login script.

      As of 9:07 this morning we began getting the infamous "Failed to start a TCPIP Thread"  Have any of you seen this?  We have just under 7000 clients and I know they all aren't on at the same time.  I'm having a hard time believing we may have maxed out our connections.  I'm looking for another cause.  If you've dealt with this please let me know how you handled it.  Thanks for your input !!!