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    Control on multiple Dash Board tool bar button




      In the version 7.3.2, when a analyst logs in, he can see all the dash boards and can view any irrespective of his group. Say if he is only related to Business Incidents... now he can also see the Global IT Incidents Welcome screen.


      I just need to know, from the toolbar how to hide that multiple dash board button?

      (currently, he must see only his, as default personal welcome screen, and not others)


      Is there any way?


      My Try:

      I queried:

      select * from dbo.md_privileged_item (nolock) where md_title like '%dash%'


      And from the output of the query, when I looked into the roles/privelliges in Administration, It did not help. I may have missed something..


      Awaiting Response.


      /n RMudugal

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          Stu McNeill Employee



          The publishing for dashboards is administred within the Dashboard Designer itself.  Open the designer and select the System Dashboard branch of the tree (not a dashboard itself).  Then click the Publish action to bring up the dialog to control how each dashboard is published to your groups/roles/users.


          I expect the "Publish to everyone" tickbox is enabled for most of your dashboards so you just need to untick this box then select the relevant groups or roles that you want to see it.  I think the LDSDDesigner manual covers publishing in a bit more detail so head there if you get stuck.



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            Hi Stu!


            Thank you for the reply.


            I understood what you are saying, before I start to work on steps you mentioned.. Is there anyway to fetch the data from database, say User1 has "HelpDesk" welcome page, User2 has "ChangeRequest" welcome page?


            Does the welcome pages set to each user are stored in the database?


            (I know this is database related question, but I dont want to create another  thread on the same wave in different section, so thought of placing here, it just a slight diversion to database, but I will be back soon on the track what you have replied)


            Awatiting your response.


            Thank you


            /n RMudugal

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              Stu McNeill Employee



              Yes you can view which dashboards are available to a specifc user from within Dashboard Designer, its possible as part of the "Others User's Personal Dashboards" section.  Here are the steps:


              1. In Dashboard Designer select the "Other User's Personal Dashboards" branch of the tree and run the "Maintain Dashboards for another User" action.

              2. Pick the user you want to see the available dashboards for and press OK.

              3. A folder with the user's name appears in the tree, select this and run the "View published Dashboards" action to see which dashboards are available to that user.


              I hope that helps.

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                Hi Stu!


                I have seen that, but it is is very hard to look for all users, say.. when you click on the user, then in below it shows the list if he has any personal page is set. If not then the list is blank. and there is no filtering on Support groups, analysts... roles... it just populates all the users, which does not helps much in any way.


                So I mentioned is there any way in the database to fetch the data.


                anyways, thank you.