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    SQL Query to show all software


      Hi Guys


      I've been tasked with exporting a list of all our installed software on all devices from the LANDesk SQL database. Does anyone know a SQL query that would help me get this info.


      Ideally it would list the asset with all the software installed, possibly showing install date,software version and install date.


      I've created a query like this in the console, would I be able to export it from SQL?




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          Without knowing what version of LDMS you are using.


          If you have created a query then you can use it to create a report, from which you can then generate a CSV, if you use the columns to display then this should restrict the amount of data that is generated for you.


          I am sure you could review the query you have created and get a SQL Query to do the job, but you may find the report output will give you what you need.


          I hope that helps you get to the information you need



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            We are using 8.8 SP3.


            Unfortunately it needs to be an SQL query as the code will be used to import to another database.(Software Organiser)