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    LDMS9 doesn't show native reports


      New install of Windows 2008 R2 and LDMS 9... none of the base reports are listed. How do I resolve this?

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          Which reports are you looking for?

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            Please note that the reports in LDMS are accessed via the Avocent Management Platform - which then then references the new application that is being used for those reports, iReports.


            In order to be able to access the reports on AMP you will need to have Java JDK 5 installed.


            If you launch the reports tool from the LDMS console it should open the AMP portal for you to access the reports from.


            I hope that helps you locate the reports you are looking for.



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              jmac: I'm looking for the default reports that ship with Management Suite, which are documented in pages 113-114 of the LDMS 9.0 Users Guide.


              Stephen: I can find the reporting console just fine. However, the default reports are not listed under the Reports > Name column whern I highlight Reporting or Management Suite in the Report Folders pane. I have not found anything in the Users Guide which indicates a 3rd party Java product needs to be installed for the default Reports to work. Please provide reference to the page in the Users Guide which mentions this requirement.

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                Assuming that the reporting console is opening, that means you have java installed. If it is opening, then 2 things to check for.


                When you open the console, you will notice in the middle column a little grey arrow pointing to Reporting and then another below pointing to management suite. (See pic 1) Click on the arrows to expand the views and dig down to the reports.


                During install, a bunch of jrxml files are extracted in to (the directory to which you installed LANDesk to) c:\Program Files\Avocent\Management Platform\reporting\definition\managementsuite and then subsequent folders. If they are not there, that is why you are missing reports.

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                  Ahh, I realize the error of my ways. I was single/double clicking on the Management Suite phrase to try to see the reports, not on the arrow to the left of it. When I click on the arrow, a series of reports expands underneath of it and now I see all the reports. Thanks jmac!

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                    Ya, it burned me to.