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    Want to copy down folder post image drop

    colster Rookie


      I'm moving from DOSPE to WINPE, it is all working apart from the a post folder copy, which contains a post script (referenced in the sysprep.ini), agents and drivers:

      To do this in the DOSPE script I added the line below:
      REMEXEC43=r:\dos\fworkcl.exe /c i:\drv 0 1 \drv /s

      For the WINPE script I tried the following just before the reboot:
      REMEXEC42=cmd /c xcopy i:\drv\ c:\drv /s /y
      REMEXEC43=reboot, timeout=2

      It run's with no error as seen in the log (below) but the folder does not copy down
      "C6360AVV","OK",4,0:00:00,23/03/2010 14:24:06,23/03/2010 14:24:06,"cmd /c xcopy i:\drv\ c:\drv /s /y" 

      As this didn't work I commented out line 42 and added as line 37 and renumbered accordingly (just in case the the file system was being locked by a subsequent command) but to no avail
      REMEXEC36=tokreplw C:\LDISCAN.CFG IMAGEPATH=\\ld1ni184\images\WINPE\XP_BASE\360AVV00.IMG
      REMEXEC37=cmd /c xcopy i:\drv\ c:\drv /s /y

      I also tried adding a "CMD /K pause" but this did nothing either, i.e. no CMD box?

      I'm running LDMS 8.7 SP4 and will move to HII when I upgrade to 8.8 which is happening soon...



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          colster Rookie

          I made the time (hey it's 22:27 and I'm at home ) to look further through Jan's whitepaper on HII and found the examples below, I will try these. Incidently I added the 'cmd' prefix after seeing another copy command in the automatically created WINPE script....


          REMEXEC411=xcopy “I:\drivers\%Computer – System – Manufacturer%\%Computer – System – Model%” c:\drivers /E /S

          REMEXEC411=xcopy /s i:\drivers c:\drivers


          I'll let you know how I get on, however if you know these won't work or have any other advice please post a comment as the configuration of our 'secure browsing' Finjan solution prohibit's posts to this site and I won't be able to post until tomorrow evening...



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            EMiranda Expert

            from the examples you have, i'm leaning toward the mapped drive part and the source path is not correct, but i dont know your whole osd script to verify.


            can you post your whole osd script?


            one quick troubleshooting step you can do is, take out the final line in your OSD script that causes the machine to automatically reboot.  Then in WinPE you can open up the command prompt and run your xcopy command and see if you get an error.

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              EMiranda Expert

              also one more thing:


              make sure there is destination directory. xcopy won't create a directory.  so run mkdir before to create the directory if there is not one there.

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                xcopy be instructed to create the destination directory if it does not exist. This is done by giving the /i parameter to xcopy.




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                  colster Rookie

                  Thank you both, removing the reboot allowed me to run the xcopy command and it didn't like the \ on the end of c:\drv\ as it complained the directory didn't exist, you could argue it doesn't but then it wouldn't as it's not a valid... anyhow I remove the \ and all worked fine. Bjorn I will remember the /i switch for later jobs (I should of marked yours as helpful sorry...)