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    HII with Provisioning Templates




      I am trying to use HII with provisioning template deployment for XP, but have not been successful.  If I add the HII option under the sysprep portion of the template, I get an error when provisioning.  I have HII set to Auto.  Is there something else I need to do to get this to work?


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          What did you use as the Target OS for the provisioning template?

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            Target OS - Windows XP

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              On the HII action properties (where you see Auto Detect) does it say Current OS: Windows XP?


              Also, have you set up a driver store for this model hardware?

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                Yes, it says Windows XP and a driver store has been setup through the GUI interface.  Should HII go before or after Sysprep file?  Also, do I need to do any additional mapping besides saying that I want it to do HII?



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                  HII makes sysprep modifications, so HII should go after the sysprep file has been injected.  As long as the OS is listed correctly, the driver store is set up, and auto detect is correctly identifying your hardware you should only need to select the HII action.  On the client machine you can do some testing by performing the following steps:


                  1 - Get your device into WinPE


                  2 - Deploy your image and inject your sysprep file (you can do these first two steps through a provisioning template)


                  3 - While still in WinPE connect to \\Corename\ldmain\landesk\files and copy hiiclient.exe to the x:\ldclient folder.


                  4 - From the x:\ldclient folder run hiiclient.exe /autodetect /ostype="winxp"


                  5 - Check the log file to see if it detected the correct hardware, what drivers it found and tried to install, if it was able to successfully make the necessary registry edits and sysprep edits, etc.


                  Also, if your image has multiple partitions (ie, an OEM recovery partition) let me know which partition is the C drive and make sure your sysprep file and the folder C:\Windows\LDDriverStore are being created on the OS partition.