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    Intel NIC Driver issue


      We ran into a little issue with a intel network card driver. HII correctly copies the right NIC driver to c:\drivers.

      Then the minisetup is running but we do not get the join domain action. After a reboot we know why : we get new hardware found.

      Now if we click next next finish the right driver gets installed and the nic is working fine.


      Is there a trick to get this installed without user intervention ?


      We can see that the driver is not digitally signed but in sysprep.inf there is an entry driversigningpolicy=ignore


      any idea on thias one ?


      THX in advance,


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          EMiranda Expert

          i get this issue when i suck up drivers with a utility like Driver Magician or WinDriver Ghost.  Sometimes it just doesn't grab all the files that pnp wants to look for.  In these cases, i usally just go out to the manufacturers website and download the latest package of drivers for that hardware and extract the folder of drivers and work with those.

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            I'm having a similar problem with Intel NIC drivers. In my case mini-setup does detect the card but is looking in the wrong place for e1e5132.sys and cannot find it. I have tried various versions of the drivers and I have had them in the same file structure as they came in or in one flattened directory but nothing seems to help.


            Bio - in your case does mini-setup install the other drivers correctly?

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              Well we got it working now. We used an intel driver that was signed. But the following will work as well.


              For reference we:


              1.  created a master image in VMware worksation (so no intel or other drivers included)

              2.  in the master image disable driver signing (system properties - hardware - driver signing)

              3. add entry in sysprep.inf -> DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore

              4. HII will copy the correct drivers to c:\drivers\.....

              5. Driver will be installed during mini-setup




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                What directory structure did you use for the Intel drivers under the drivers directory so that mini-setup actually found the required files?

                I'm using Intel's drivers version 15.1 (although I have tried others) extracted using winrar. I always get "Files Needed The file 'e1e5132.sys on Intel(R) PRO 1000 Driver Disk is needed". This file does get copied to a subfolder of the drivers directory but for some reason mini-setup is looking elsewhere.

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                  did you check the the following registry key :




                  it should hold your c:\driver path


                  you could also check if there are any oemx.inf files in c:\windows\inf folder.... open them to see if it is an intel driver inf file... if so then delete