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    HP Dc5700 Sata Controller




      I've successfully manged to deploy OS's on to several HP D5700 in the past. However when i tried to load LANDesk to image a new machine i recieve the error stating that LANDesk cannot detect the hard drive.

      This is stange as the drivers were obviously orginally in the WINPE image.

      I've PXE booted a machine I had previously imaged and that experienced the same issue. (SATA hard drive not detected)


      I've had a look on the HP Site and there are no Storage drivers for this model.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem, or able to offer any assistance

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          Taford - you've probably already solved your problem by now but I had a very similar experience with a DC5700 and I thought that I'd share.


          The DC5700 (and probably other models) shipped with an optional media card reader. If this card reader is installed, WinPE will detect it as a HDD and try to load drivers and boot to the card reader. My solution was to unplug the card reader but I'm sure you could load the card reader's drivers into the WinPE image. I'm not sure how I would prevent WinPE from trying to boot to the reader though.... In any case, the card reader was the issue for me.